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Colonel Pankaj Mehra was posted as a GTO Officer in 22nd SSB Board Bhopal and 19th SSB Board Allahabad.

Pathfinder Defence Academy is committed to encouraging young candidates to face interviews with confidence and zeal. Our scientific approach nurtures the candidates overall intellectual, emotional and social aspects of personality. As we know, every individual has some unique abilities and aptitude. Therefore, understanding them is a big challenge. To achieve this, we devote personal attention to each candidate in understanding his/her strength/weakness and accordingly assist him or her.

Jai Hind
Col Pankaj Mehra


Dear Students, Welcome to “Pathfinder defence academy” at Indira Nagar in Lucknow . Be brave,be bold, dare and so. Nothing Will be impossible No obstacle is insurmountable. Once mind is made up and you stand firm as a rock, no one can stop you from gaining your goal and crowning yourself with sucess.Dear Students, If you have Passed 12th and looking for a career in DEFENCE join Pathfinder defence academy.we promise a dynamic career in Indian armed forces with your effort and our guidance. Our Aim is,every student should get success in his life.Success comes when you know what you want or desire. The starting point, then is to know what you want in life.Let your ambition come true. Never mind and never fear. What appears impossible today will become a reality tomorrow, with your determination, dedication and application. The Man Who Wins Is The Man Who Thinks He Can . Pathfinder defence academy Leads you on the read to success.

Gp Capt LALIT KISHORE PANDEY I. O. Cum Deputy President In

Best of luck gentlemen
Jai Hind
Ex Interviewing Officer

Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

Dear student & friends!
As you know that there is a flood of coaching institution, tutors, study materials in the market. Students, however, find it extremely challenging to manage & balance the disjoint coaching & the UPSC pattern.

Our vision, therefore, is to help you to get the max. Growth & potential in the minimum time by our qualitative teaching & well-researched study material.
No other institutions can give you the kind of training 7 expert guidance than Pathfinder.

Jai Hind
B.Sc, M.Sc(Botany) M.A.( Ancient History)

CDS Coaching in Lucknow

Gentlemen the team Pathfinder has worked with different institutions across North India and taught more than thousands of students so far, and after imparting education for so many years we have found that the quality education to the student is not imparted and their energy is not channelized in the right direction, so with this aim we have taken up our new mission to train each and every child/ student to get what he or she wants to become. so our mission is to guide and train the student for his bright and successful future in defence forces and we think that a good teacher should at least has these three qualities number 1 proper counseling of a student number 2 motivate the students if he is not and then last but not least impart the student-oriented knowledge or education to get through the examination ahead we wish you a bright future in defence forces.

Jai Hind
B.Tech, M.Tech(Kanpur)

Gentleman everyone does not aspire for armed forces there are a fistful students who aspire to join armed forces and when a student comes from the countryside for proper guidance. he faces some actual problems to get through the examination one of the problems is spoken English and development of his personality so taking into account the team Pathfinder will not only impart bookish knowledge to the student but also train him to face SSB along with written examination ,gentleman Uttar Pradesh is Hindi spoken Pradesh where the student does not have very much familiarity with the English language so here we will train you for spoken English and personality development as well.

Jai Hind
English HOD
M.A. (English)

Best Defence Coaching in Lucknow

I have done teaching in many Defense and Non-Defense Academy In which I have observed many shortcomings. the most important shortcoming of all is that all coachings are emphasizing commercialization of education instead of student-oriented programming Education has become a business in every institute. nobody takes care of the complete development of the student. to fill this gap Pathfinder academy has taken this initiative where the future of the students will be bright.
the team will put in all the efforts that are required to fill the gap In which he has a successful personality along with the capability to tackle difficulties in life with full patience and ease

Jai Hind
CDS Maths Faulty
B.Sc, M.Sc(Maths)

NDA Coaching in Lucknow
Our sincere and dedicated efforts have made us proud to be the finest Defence institution (coaching) in india . We are not only providing quality education but also ensuring the overall grooming of a Defence aspirant.
We all as a team have been doing the “best” and our committed to do so in the future also.
Jai Hind
M.A. (Public Administration)
Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

Even teachers are always learning. That’s the shared journey that connects teachers to their students. If you’re all learning together, you’re making terrific progress. Your students need to know you’re neither above or beneath each other.

If they can make mistakes without being criticized, then as the teacher you deserve the same courtesy. Any classroom can become a strong network of support when this kind of honesty and transparency exists between teacher and pupil.

Jai Hind
B.Sc, M.Sc (Zoology)
Best Defence Coaching in Lucknow
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