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Facilities in Path Finder

Hostel Facilities :

The students are provided Iron cots, steel plates, Steel glasses and all the requirements needed within the PFDA premises. The warden looks after the personal, physical, emotional needs and welfare of the boys. Tutors are appointed to assist the boys in their study during evening study hours. Sick students should inform the warden regarding their sickness immediately.The sick students are allowed to stay in sick room only on the advice of college doctor. The students are not permitted to use light after 10-30 p.m . On request of the students the warden can arrange power in the corridor for night studies up to 12-00 p.m

Boys Mess :

Boys take their meals in a spacious dining hall. vegetarian meals are served in the mess. The warden of the PFDA dines with them to train them in self- service and to ensure polite behavior at table and to maintain discipline during meals. The wardens also teach the boys proper eating habits and correct table manners. The parents are allowed to take lunch or dinner only after prior permission from the Director.

Career Advancement Committee :

Career Counselling for the students by Ex Defence Officers, It is time the new generation realized life is not about being in a hurry but to step back and enjoy the journey of life.

Memorial Lectures :

Memorial lectures are organized for the benefit of the students in each department. This activity brings a reputed luminary of a particular discipline to face to the students of the departments, where he/she lectures on relevant issues within the field of the students’ academic curriculum.

Education Tour:

Each department organizes educational tours for all students. These tours are both educative and entertaining for the students.

Physical Training :

All boys should take part in physical training. The Institute has adequate out door sites for physical training.

Extra Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities :

A large number of these activities such as Debates, Quiz competitions, Group discussions etc.. are held regularly throughout the year.

Health :

The Institute has a part time Doctor. All the boys are subjected to periodical medical checkups .

The students are given outing for entertainment on alternative Sundays. The timings are 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Management is not responsible for missing of any student during outing time. The missing information will be intimated to parents/ guardians immediately.

If parents want to talk to their children they can talk to them on phone between 7.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m only.

Main Features :

  • Experienced faculty.
  • Experienced Job course faculty team.
  • Good discipline, under control of Ex-Defence persons.
  • Extra study hours for weak students.
  • Class strength 45, Separate sections for ENGLISH/ HINDI Medium students.
  • Weekly Hope Exams for Inter students.
  • Intensive job Coaching for Degree Students.
  • Daily study hours under supervision of Directors.
  • Separate Iron Cots.
  • Daily Morning physical fitness training.
  • Doubts clarification by concerned subject lecturers.
  • Nutritious food & Spacious dining hall.
  • Part time Doctor for periodical medical checkup.
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