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Do You Know What Is E-Bomb orElectromagnetic Bomb

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Do You Know What Is E-Bomb orElectromagnetic Bomb

Do You Know What Is E-Bomb or Electromagnetic Bomb

Electromagnetic Bomb or commonly known as is one of the advanced weapons that can be used during any wartime. E bombs emit or reflect electromagnetic shock waves that destroy the complete communication networks and electronic circuit system of enemy forces. The waves that are generated impinges with the network of the enemy and destroys them completely resulting in communication disconnection. According to Avinash Chander, DRDO chief and scientific advisor to the defense minister Indian organization -Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is developing an E-bomb which will emit electromagnetic shock waves that destroy electronic circuits and communication networks of enemy forces, said

Also according to him, it would give an option to the military as the bomb can target the enemy’s mobile targets, air defense systems, naval vessels with communication, mobile or static radars systems and even ill-shielded communication or electronic systems at a military base. He focused and said “So next time there is a Kargil or an LoC violation, you may not hear gunshots or mortar shells, because the electromagnetic bomb will throw life out of gear”, said Chander to newspapers.

Know about EMP –Electromagnetic Pulse

The name of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) effect was first time observed during the early testing of high altitude airburst nuclear weapons. The effect is characterized by the production of a very short time in seconds but intense electromagnetic pulse, which propagates away from its source with ever diminishing intensity, governed by the theory of electromagnetism.

Not only this but it is this aspect of the Electromagnetic Pulse effect which is of military significance, which can result in irreversible damage to a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, particularly computers and radio or radar receivers and other devices in their station. The damage inflicted is not unlike that experienced through exposure to close proximity lightning strikes, and may require complete replacement of the equipment, or at least substantial portions thereof. During the war replacement of destroyed system and network can be a tough task for the enemies and also this method can be used during surgical strikes as well.

Computers used in data processing systems, communications systems, displays, industrial control applications, including road and rail signaling, and those embedded in military equipment, such as signal processors, electronic flight controls and digital engine control systems, are all potentially vulnerable to the EMP effect. The U.S. military has been pursuing the idea of an e-bomb for decades, and many believe it now has such a weapon in its arsenal.

In conclusion it can be seen that it will boost up Indian military power additionally giving benefits to forces to tackle the war in a much great way, resulting in lose of network and communication network of enemy.

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