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India and Australia will practise manoeuvres to hunt submarines together in their largest ever naval exercise that will take place in the Bay of Bengal next month. The AusIndex war-game will feature reconnaissance and attack aircraft, warships and submarines and is being described as the most complex exercise at the high end between the two sides.
India and Australia will conduct AUSINDEX 2019 bilateral naval exercise off the coast of Vishakhapatnam in Bay of Bengal from April 2 to 16, 2019. Overall it will be third installment (edition) of bilateral naval exercise between Indian Navy and Royal Australian Navy.
Points that you must remember for AUS INDEX 2019: 
From April 2-16, largest ever deployment of Australian Navy to India.HMAS Canberra, largest ship of the Australian Navy to take part, is an amphibious warfare ship .HMAS Newcastle and Parramatta frigates, tanker and P8 A aircraft to take place .Collins class submarine from Australia, Kilo class from India likely to be present.Shore based Hawk aircraft, stealth destroyer and ASW corvette to be present from India .
The main focus of this edition of exercise will be will be anti-submarine warfare. It will also use reconnaissance and attack aircraft, submarines and warships from both sides. the aim of excercise is at boosting bilateral naval cooperation between India and Austrailia in the strategic Indian Ocean region. There will be the deployment of Australian personnel on Indian ships and vice versa. Both countries will also deploy P-8I aircraft and P-8A aircraft, which are long-range anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircrafts capable of broad-area, maritime and littoral operations.It will be the most complex and largest naval exercise at high end between two countries which have established comprehensive strategic partnership between them. It will see participation of over 1,000 Australian defence personnel, four Royal Australian Navy ships. It includes HMAS (Her Majesty’s Australian Ship) Canberra, HMAS Success, HMAS Newcastle, and HMAS Parramatta.

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