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The beginning of this issue is the transforming demography in the north eastern state. The long river in border with Bangladesh (4096kms) has changed the demography of West Bengal, Assam ,Tripura ,Meghalaya and Mizoram .illegal migrants have started living over these States by getting ration card and voter ID card made through illegal methods, this has further enraged the local population. let’s discuss these problems :

  1. Ineffective government policies- the government has not been so far able to curb illegal infiltration from Bangladesh, their detection is tough when they produce documents like ration cards voter ID cards to prove that they are Indian Muslims .the Government of India must convey a strong annoyance to Bangladesh government to check and stop these exfiltration from their territory.immediate action must be taken to send back illegal migrants .ration card voter ID cards should not be issued till the government officials are satisfied with the claims of the individuals .the liberal policies of government is at some extent responsible for many of the problems of northeast.
  2. BANGLADESHI HAND- physically it is not possible to vigil and manage 4096 km of international porous border with Bangladesh as there are a number of rivers which are used for infiltration and many other smuggling activities .Mizoram Tripura Meghalaya Assam and West Bengal are the most affected States as infiltration has changed their demography. the present government of Bangladesh has cordial relationship with India and is also taking steps to stop illegal infiltration, people who cross border illegally are very poor and come India in search of livelihood but government must ensure that it cannot happen at the cost of our own people. Border security forces and Bangladesh rifle are required to work jointly to curb this practice with iron hand
  3. Intolerant people- the current problem in Assam is by bodoland autonomous council since 2003. 90% Bodo belong to Hindu ethnicity they believe that these Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh are changing their demography on the other hand non Bodo think they are being harassed and discriminated by Bodo authorities . in this scenario only a small incident will add fuel to the fire leading to communal riots and disharmony. They feel paranoid and blame each other for any changes in their areas .Bodos feel that Muslims are taking away their space, job and economic opportunities where non Bodos (Muslims) feel that they are being discriminated and being labelled as Bangladeshi Muslim.

CONCLUSION-The Exodus of northeast people is a great cause of concern as it is taking communal turn which may have bad ramification over other areas . the government at the centre and States must act immediately and strongly to stop this Exodus all the social sites that promotes disharmony among different communities have to be blocked people must feel secure and comfortable wherever they are working the illegal infiltration has to be stopped with iron hand . the people must show tolerance with one another. the rumours have to be tackled with immediate effect. One day peace will be restored with everyone’s cooperation

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