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What is Varunastra ?

There are some of the important weapons and machinery about which you must be aware throughout your life one of the is VARUNASTRA.  Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) and Indian Navy have recently signed a contract in order to supply heavyweight torpedo Varunastra to Indian Navy.

These VARUNASTRA torpedoes will be getting manufactured at Bharat Dynamic Limited at Visakhapatnam, with the tie-up of the Defence Research and Development Organisation commonly known as DRDO.

What is Varunastra?

Varunastra is a ship-launched, electrically-propelled underwater weapon which is equipped with one of the advanced automatic and remote-controlled guidance systems. The weapon system uses its own intelligence in tracing the target. It can hit stealth submarines underwater. The operational range is 40 km and it can carry a warhead weighing 250 kg. The weapon has been jointly developed by the Naval Science and Technology Laboratory located in Visakhapatnam and the Bharat Dynamics Limited -BDL situated in Hyderabad. Varunastra is seven to eight meters long, weighs 1,500 kg and has a diameter of 533 mm.

Other Military Products by BDL

ATGM, with top attack capability to destroy armored vehicle equipped with Explosive Reactive Armour, moving and stationary targets.

Akash: It is an indigenously developed, an all-weather, air defence weapon system, uses a high explosive, pre-fragmented warhead that can engage multiple threats simultaneously.

NAG: A third Generation (Fire and Forget) mechanized infantry

MRSAM (Medium Range Surface to Air Missile): A high response, quick reaction, vertically launched a supersonic missile, designed to neutralize enemy aerial threats – missiles, aircraft, guided bombs, helicopters. Used by Army, Navy and Air Force as different variants.

Milan 2T: It is a man-portable (Infantry) second generation ATGM, to destroy Tanks fitted with Explosive Reactive Armour, moving and stationary targets.

Know About Bharat Dynamics Limited:-

Bharat Dynamics Limited is a Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Defence was established in the year 1970 at Hyderabad to be a manufacturing base for guided missiles and allied defence equipment. It was begun with a pool of engineers selected from DRDO and aerospace industries, it began by producing a first generation anti-tank guided missile.

Later on, many other defense weapons have been developed by Bharat Dynamics Limited.

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